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Open-air cinema tour with Prime Video

During last summer, Prime Video took an open-air cinema tour in the South of Italy, re-evaluating the territory and enhancing tourism.

The open-air cinema tour with Prime Video in some squares of the South of Italy, the last summer, was an exciting experience. During summertime the open-air cinema nicely reached Vieste and Monopoli in Apulia, and Maratea in Basilicata. The Open-air cinema tour with Prime Video catapulted tourists and bathers directly onto the sofa, like at home. Yes, because the idea was precisely to bring the living room into the open-air squares of these touristic locations, where people were on vacation. A stay by the sea without having to give up the sofa of your home. A dream? Maybe. But a dream that The B Agency managed to realize from start to finish!

We were immediately thrilled by the idea of ​​taking a traveling tour, reaching important tourist destinations. We also thought that an Airstream Moto Room could be the perfect solution. A real mobile living room that perfectly met our traveling needs, complete with a LED wall from which to broadcast movies and TV series under the starry sky. And then, poufs and cushions could not miss, as in any good respectable living room. Fat Boy came in help, providing us with all the materials necessary to make people feel comfortable and immersed in their sofa.

Obviously, The B Agency took care of all the pre and post production.

Firstly the Scouting, secondly the site inspection, thirdly the Media Partner with the precious help of Radio Norba, and the Direct Marketing and most importantly the contacts with local administrations. Administrations that welcomed us willingly, also providing us with patronage. Prime Video event was recognised as an opportunity to re-evaluate the territory and enhance tourism in their destinations.

The success of the project, the recognition by the Administrations and the concept of the event have definitely repaid us for the hard work. As a result, we were proud and satisfied to have realized the idea of ​​Prime Video. From afternoon to late evening we created a real open-air cinema, with a great variety of movies and TV series. We allowed people feeling on vacation in the comfort of their living room.